Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Beatrix Potter!

Skylar and Alexa and I read many of her stories together this past school year. They loved them all and still wonder if that is "Squirrel Nutkin" eating the birdseed from our feeder in the tree outside our window. And we've all wondered if the little bunny that eats apples from our tree is Benjamin Bunny or Peter Rabbit. They love the stories and the beautiful drawings.

There is a
site that you might find interesting. And also a movie about her life. Taylor and I watched it together. It was wonderful and inspiring, but unexpectedly sad. I didn't know enough about Miss Potter's life to see the sad part coming. But I would recommend it, none the less. I will share it with my other 2 girls when they get a little older.

Happy Birthday, Miss Potter! Thank you for the charming books that have been enjoyed by so many children!



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Grandma Jo said...

Great information, Tina. Lisa M. loves her and her books, also. I will mention to her next email to check your blog about Beatrix Potter. Thanks for sharing! I always loved her stories too - even as a child! Love you all!