Monday, June 30, 2008

Unproductive Monday Morning

If anyone wants to know how to piddle away a morning, you should have been here with us today. I don't know if it was just the Monday morning thing, or what, but it was just not productive. (sigh). OK, now I will try looking at the positives......hmmm.....
  1. We did pray the Rosary together.
  2. I responded to a couple of emails that deal with the rest of the week's plans.
  3. Everyone had breakfast and lunch.....children fed~that counts for something, right?
  4. I am working on my second load of laundry.
  5. After lunch, I put Evan down, then went out back with Sky and Alexa to fill the bird feeders (suet and seed), put up the hummingbird feeder, and started to dig a place for Skylar's 2 pumpkin plants which have outgrown their pots.....but then it started raining and now that is on hold.
  6. I read a story about pumpkins to Skylar and Alexa.
  7. Ordered my bookcase. Yay!!

Now for what I still need to do.

  1. Clean bathrooms (with my team T, S, and A)
  2. Continue laundry.
  3. Answer one more email.
  4. And oh yeah, what did I say was for dinner? Hmmm. Good question. I better start thinking of that one, too.

Hope your day is more productive than mine.



1 comment:

Grandma Jo said...

We all have days that we feel like that but happy kids and Mom doing things with her kids is always a good day. And any day you pray the rosary (or any prayers) is never unproductive!! (maybe just in the one area we wanted to be more productive) We sometimes just have to accept and adjust what we wanted our "product" to be and you do that very well. Love you all!