Monday, June 30, 2008

Purchasing for Next School Year

I placed some orders yesterday afternoon. I ordered from CHC and Seton. Today, I ordered the student kits that we'll need from Math U See and my lovely new bookcase (yay!).

Now, I need to look at all these wonderful books surrounding me, the ones falling off shelves, stacked high on the top of my desk, piled in corners, and sitting in baskets. And I have to take a hard look at them to see what I really do need for next year in the way of chapter books and picture books. I get so tempted to order book after beautiful book. But the truth is, we just might have a book that meets a certain need for next year right here in our "all over the place home library" already. And there were a lot of books we read this past school year, that I borrowed from our local library, too. That worked well, too.

It's very tricky for me to try to discern what to buy in the way of literature. It's a weakness. So, I will take my time with this. I will be cleaning out my schoolroom and our quiet/reading room over the next couple of weeks. And as I do, I will hopefully find treasures I forgot about that will work well to enhance our next school year. I'm hoping, too, that with the purchase of my prized bookcase, that I can keep the books more organized, so I have more of a grasp on what we actually own and where it is.

One thing I plan on ordering for sure is Catholic Mosaic and many of the lovely books to go with it. That's a must.


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Grandma Jo said...

I love that you love books and are teaching that to your children. That's a wonderful thing to pass on and the best learning tool. Good for you, Tina. I always say you can never have too many books except when it's time to share them and pass them on so someone else can enjoy them! Love to all!