Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Plans

We went to Mass at 12pm today. Not my original plan, because Evan starts to get sleepy by then, and therefore is not so pleasant during Mass. But I overslept, so I had no choice. Now don't get this, "cozy-in-my-own-bed,-getting-some-extra-sleep" image in your head. That is not what I mean at all. When I say "overslept", I mean "in-Evan's-chair-because-he-got-up-around-4a.m.-and-wouldn't-stay-asleep-when-I-tried-to-put-him-back-down". Although I love having Evan in my arms, it's just not fun when your arm goes numb and you wake up feeling like you've been run over by a truck......a rather large truck.

I'm not complaining, though (ok, maybe just a little). But I am going to give the cleaning a rest for the rest of the day. It is Sunday after all. We will clean tomorrow. The dirty bathrooms will still be there. Yay! (sarcasm). So since Evan is napping (lucky kid), I plan to go start dinner, and sit down with my homeschooling catalogs and order my curriculum. Then I'll go online and order some wonderful stories for this coming school year and then order my bookcase. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. But first I MUST get some caffeine. Ice cold Cherry Coke should do the trick. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Try to keep cool!

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Grandma Jo said...

Get some rest when you can, Tina. Peace be with all of you! Hope you have a good day! I just drove home in a downpour and now the sun is shining! Crazy weather! Love to all!