Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Clean Up Part 1 (Sky and Alexa's Room)

Here and some before and after shots, but keep in mind we changed the room around, so figuring these out might be a bit confusing.
This is Skylar's bed before cleanup (with Alexa on the floor smiling~what a ham). Skylar does usually make her bed, and so does Alexa, but today I told them not to worry about it because I was washing their sheets anyway, and putting on fresh ones.
And this is Skylar's bed after cleanup (with both girls coloring on it). We turned both beds a different direction. This is not the most practical way to arrange this room, but we have limited space and limited choices in there. The girls just needed a fresh look to their room to give them another reason to want to keep it clean.
These are the toy shelves before. .......eek! And these are the toy shelves after cleanup. I also changed their location in the room.
Alexa's bed before.
And Alexa's bed after cleanup (again, we moved the room around and I took the picture from a different angle). Oh, and I should mention. She has declared today that she is done with the bedrail. (Just in time, too, as it will be needed for little "monkey boy Evan" sooner than we think. He will be scaling his crib in no time.)
Dresser top before.
Dresser top after cleanup.
We did well today. The girls were pretty tired of it all by the end, but loved the way the room looks and seem to be willing to keep it clean (at least for the time being). But I'm not done. The clothes in the dresser need sorted out.

And there is still this waiting for me tomorrow....
and this....(sigh).

I'll keep you posted. Have a great night!




Grandma Jo said...

Job well done, Tina, Sky and Alexa! Can't wait to see it in person - keep it clean, girls! Looks great - like from a magazine! Keep up the good work - I know it's a chore! Then you can come and do mine - heehee! Love to you all!

LLMom said...


You did a great job. Keep it up!