Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily To-Do List for 6/27

I've decided to try listing my daily to-do list here in the mornings on the weekdays as a way to hold myself accountable. Today, being the first day for this, we'll just see how it goes.

Everything in purple was updated at 2:15pm.
Everything in orange was updated at 5pm.
Everything in yellow updated at 10:20 pm.
On the agenda for today:

  1. Pray Rosary together (started our day with this)
  2. Continue neverending laundry (still continuing)
  3. Sweep HW floors (Skylar did this right after lunch)
  4. Start Toddler Bags mentioned here
  5. Look online for bookcase (I think I found one, but haven't ordered it yet.)
  6. Evan bath/Alexa shower (tonight) (No time for shower for Alexa, but did bathe Evan AND gave him a haircut)
  7. Lunch: Grilled cheese and grapes and pudding for dessert (We ate this at lunch and it was yummy!)
  8. Dinner: Spring Noodles (high protein ones) with sauce with rolls; carrots dipped in ranch dressing; Dessert~peanut butter cup icecream (Done and was delicious.)
  9. Added: Washed large dishes by hand.
  10. The Big Job of the Day: Clean out Sky and Alexa's Room (2 days or maybe 3)
  • Closet (top and bottom)
  • under beds (Sky's and Alexa's) (Did under Alexa's, next comes Skylar's)
  • dresser top (done)
  • shelves of toys (done)
  • Alexa's nightstand (middle drawer still needs cleaned out)
  • Sky's nightstand (top drawer still needs cleaned out)
  • dust (top of dresser)
  • vaccuum (half the room, still have under Sky's bed to do) (whole room done)
  • wash curtains
  • wipe blinds
  • go through and get rid of clothes
  • wipe windows
  • get rid of as many toys as possible (really didn't need to get rid of too much, because we just went through and purged their room a month or so ago)
  • Also ended up moving the whole room around!

I hope to take before and after pictures if for no other reason than me seeing all the hard work paying off.

Now, what do I do to entertain a toddler during all this cleaning? Hmmm............

........"Oh, Taylor Dear......."



I'm hoping to post pics of our progress shortly. My back is sore (I'm getting too old to move furniture) and I'm tired, but I feel good that we got a lot done today. I'll try to keep working on this tomorrow morning .......after lots of coffee.


Grandma Jo said...

How do you find the time to put this post on, update twice and still get the work done? Do you bi-locate? Ok, that's a saint - well, it fits anyway! Love you my dear Tina!! Love to all!

Tina said...

You are too kind, mom. It's more like "Where there's a will, there's a way."
Thanks for the compliment. You might be just a tad partial, considering. Love ya!