Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Recital

Alexa, the Rainbow (this was taken right before leaving for dress rehearsal).

Alexa had her recital this past weekend. She was very nervous. Other than the dress rehearsal, she had never performed on an actual stage before. And for the show, it was packed. After a beautiful morning, it began to storm about 30 minutes before we needed to leave! But as we went to load up the van, it stopped. Thank you, dear God for that gift! Alexa looked beautiful and did much better during the actual show, than she did during rehearsal! Actually all the girls in her group seemed more relaxed and focused. I see now the absolute need for a dress rehearsal......gets those first jitters out of the way.
Alexa with daddy....and Mommy.Here she sits backstage, waiting for her group to be called. There's that nervous smile.All lined up and ready to get out there, with all the other little "rainbows".

She looks so beautiful!Way to go, Alexa! We love you!

Here's the song she danced to. It's very sweet. I'll try to post the video of the dress rehearsal later. (We weren't allowed to tape the actual show).




Grandma Jo said...

Great pics, Tina! Alexa does look so beautiful! What a little princess! Mom did so well with her hair! She could be a model! And she did do so well in the show. The song is beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing! Love to all!

Auntie Michelle said...

Alexa, how pretty you look! I bet you did FANTASTIC at your recital! Wish we could have seen the recital! I always liked my dance recitals when I was your age too! You are a beautiful ballerina!

Love you :)

Auntie Michelle