Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pentecost Teatime Pics (late-sorry)

I had a little trouble accessing these pics due to a new file storage system we have, so it took me a little while to get this up , but here they are.

We read about Pentecost from the Children's Bible and discussed it. We also did the activity sheets that G-ma sends.

We had orange sherbert with red and yellow sprinkles and cherry 7 Up. The colors represent the Holy Spirit coming as tongues of fire.
Then the girls did a craft using scraps of red, orange and yellow foam as tiles to do mosaic designs around a holy card.
They turned out really nice, don't you think?We really had a good time. And Taylor made our last "stained glass" for the schoolroom window. Thanks again to Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight for the idea.
Evan had to get in on the action too, of course, so he had his first experience with "paint with water". I picked this book up at a dollar store some time ago because they are so hard to find these days. He had a blast!
It turned out great and he loved it, although he did eventually end up doing this.....(notice the orange fingers)......
and this (notice the orange-tinted forehead).

So we stopped after 2 beautiful paintings.



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