Saturday, May 3, 2008

Next Week's Teatime Plans

I am in the midst of planning a Pentecost Teatime. Here's what I have so far:

  • the red fabric remnant
  • use the dove ornament as part of decoration (hang somehow?)
  • framed Pentecost holy card
  • red candle

Activities and Crafts

  • Mat holy cards of Pentecost onto (yellow? black?-not sure yet) scrapbook paper/cardstock
  • Use little cut up foam scraps (red, yellow and orange) as mosaic tiles around the picture (been wanting to try this for a while) as a frame.
  • Taylor's turn to make the stained glass
  • G-ma's children's bulletins/read from Children's Bible


  • If I'm on the ball, I'll do something creative (cookies or cupcakes or cake with flame colored icing; or fire colored fruit on toothpicks or skewers-nice for a hot day).
  • If not, the girls are ok with storebought treats.

I'll post some pictures next weekend of how it all turned out!

Have a great weekend!



1 comment:

Grandma Jo said...

Sounds good! I'm anxious to see the outcome - I'm sure it will be great! Talk about planning....I'll have to check your blog when I start planning next year's CCD classes - although we are never in session for Pentecost. And I don't know what grade I will have yet. Great ideas here, though!