Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Excitement of the Car Wash

I know I'm going to come across sounding lame, but here goes anyway. We stopped to get gas yesterday after S's swimming lesson and I was facing the carwash. It's the kind you drive through. I said to T, I should do that sometime, but it makes me nervous. "Why?" she said. "Because I'm always afraid I won't know what to do, or I'll be the one to break it or something." She was laughing hysterically. "Mom, it's a carwash, you can't break it." "I know," I said, "but things like that kind of freak me out. I've never driven through one before." It's that whole "comfort zone" thing again. She was shocked. So I had to do it. We filled the tank and got in line.
As we waited, I read the info on the type of carwash we were going to get. There were 3 different types. T continued to crack up (at my expense) as I read all that our "Ultimate" wash included. I guess I was acting a little excited thinking how clean the van would finally be after this dirty winter, so maybe I did seem silly to a 12 year old (or anyone else who's ever used a carwash before).

The girls thought it was cool, except S who hated it because it made E cry. But it really was a piece of cake and no, I didn't break it.

(There, go ahead and laugh.)

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Grandma Jo said...

You are your mother's daughter! The first time I used one and any time I want to try a different one I feel the same way. When you're through it, it seems silly, but one time I did miss the drying off and another time I went too far and had to back up and wasn't sure I could, sooooooooo - but I didn't have Tay with me to laugh at me, thank goodness! Of course, if she would have been with me I probably wouldn't have done all that. She would have told me what to do. But I was frustrated when it happened. I don't do it very often because I still think they are confusing. I just wash it here at home and tell myself I need the exercise anyway (hahahahaha). Love you all!