Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Perspective

We were late for Mass this past Sunday. Not actually late, but at our church you have to be early to get a seat. We usually go to the 12noon, but since T was Teching Peter Pan and had to be there at 2, we needed to go to the 10:30. From the parking lot, it didn't seem that crowded, but when we entered I found out I was wrong. I just headed down the center, in my usual fashion thinking, "I'm sure there's something down front". Nope. So we rounded the front and went to the right (acting like we meant to do that). We ended up on the far right, second row back. We never sat there before and it was out of my comfort zone. I know that sounds wierd, but I am used to a certain place at Mass (at least the general area) and everywhere else feels odd and uncomfortable.
Even as a child in our little church in our home town up in PA, it was always 3 rows back on the left towards the center. And if someone was there in that seat before us, we felt like, "Hey, you're in our seat!". And that's pretty much where I feel comfortable to this day, as an adult.
After we finished our initial prayers before Mass started, Alexa whispered, "Wow, Mom, you can see all kinds of neat stuff over here." She wasn't uncomfortable at all! In fact she saw this as a cool new way to experience the Mass. And she was so well behaved mostly because there was all this new stuff to see. She even occasionally whispered questions to me.
Then I started thinking that this wasn't such a bad seat. It was the first we even realized there's a carpet on the floor right up in front of Father's chair! Hmm....never noticed that before. So maybe we will try some new seat on purpose now and then, if I can bring myself to do it. Who knows what we might discover?


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Grandma Jo said...

Pretty cool, Teen! I also remember the 3rd row back on the left center aisle. But now I sit different places in my church depending on if I'm serving or not but also if I'm sitting with Ter and family or not. For daily Mass, I still sit about 3 rows back center but towards the left aisle although it's not the side aisle because we have more aisles in this big church. Once in a while I sit way in the back just to get the perspective of those who sit back there - but I'm not comfortable there - I think I'm about the only one singing and I can't see very well from there. It is interesting, though, to get other perspectives. Alexa knows. I am uncomfortable if I sit on the right - it just doesn't feel right. Love you all!