Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Church Festival

This is the main reason S and A look forward to this Spring Festival every year!

I'm afraid S might be too tall next year. She will be truly bummed.

They rode the ponies twice. We did other stuff to, but NOTHING compares to the ponies.
T and E stayed home with dad. I didn't want to have to manage the stroller for E (there's not much he could do there, anyway) and T was tired from all her "Teching" for Peter Pan.

Oh, I guess they do enjoy the facepainting. S stuck to her true tomboy status with the baseball and A got a lovely rainbow (on the hand so as to not repeat the stocking-shaped rash on her cheek incedent).



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Grandma Jo said...

Looks like they had a great time - but where's a picture of Mom? I guess since S and A had a good time, Mom did, too. I'll have to plan to come down for one of these festivals some year - maybe next year if we find out when it is and I remember. I'm sure this makes a happy annual memory for S and A! Hope Tay had fun "teching" for Peter Pan. Any pics? What's next? Love you all!