Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chocolate Field Trip

The Friday before Mother's Day, we went on a field trip with our homeschool group. We haven't been able to go on many this year, so the girls and I were excited. Especially considering where we were going......Aunt Joanie's Chocolate Shop!They dunked Oreos in white chocolate, then decorated them.
They dipped pretzel rods, then put sprinkles on them.These girls both love horses , so the fact that they got to make chocolate horse lollipops was thrilling for them! And look how cute they turned out!
And how irresistable! Yum!After watching the girls work with this chocolate and create some really nice looking pieces, I thought, "We could so do this at home". So we might create some more chocolate masterpieces in the future, as gifts. I think the girls would really enjoy it.

On our way out I picked up a chocolate car on a stick for Evan and some chocolate for Taylor who wasn't able to attend because this was a K -5 field trip. And I also purchased this.......
It's a dove mold for the chocolate lollipops. I thought it would come in handy at Pentecost. And wouldn't these make cute favors for Taylor's confirmation in a couple of years?! I can just add a medal or holy card of the Saint she chooses as her confirmation name and tie it on with some pretty ribbon.
After this post, I'm getting hungry, so gotta run.


Grandma Jo said...

Now THAT'S a field trip!! What fun!! Do you remember the Pac Man chocolate lollipops I used to make for Mike - for school and birthdays? Of course, that was when he was into Pac Man. I think I still have that mold - somewhere! I think I also made them for his 30th birthday party - remember? They were super easy to make - just took a little time. But I loved doing it. I know you and the girls will enjoy it when you get to doing it! Thanks for sharing! Love ya! (Where WAS Tay?)

Auntie Michelle said...

Wow, that looks like a terrific yummy time! I was getting a chocolate craving just looking at the pics! Sounds like Sky and Alexa had a fantastic time! Also the dove molds are too cute!

Love to all,

Auntie Michelle

Tina said...

Mom- I remember those lollipops! I can't believe you still have that mold:) Love ya!--Tina

Michelle- So nice to hear from you! Hope all of you in FL are doing well! We love and miss you guys! ---Tina