Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting "Tick"ed Off

This afternoon, on our way home from Taylor's last co-op meeting, Skylar announces from the back seat that she believes she has a tick.......again. A friend of Taylor's who is with us and can see it from where she is sitting, confirms Skylar's discovery. Ewww. Again. Poor Skylar is the only one of my children to ever get a tick on them. I've never even had a tick on me. But dear Sky has had, well, .......let's see. I think this was her 4th. When we got home, I went upstairs with her, got out the tweezers and began searching for petroleum jelly. Skylar's Dr. actually recommended putting that on first, then pulling it out with tweezers. We couldn't find ours, so I made due. I used Evan's Vick's BabyRub. Worked like a charm. He came right off, all in one piece and Sky said it didn't even hurt. So next time, I'll just go for the Vick's from the start. Oh, and I recently read that we should keep the tick in case Sky gets sick from it. So we a a baggie. Eww.

Sorry, no pics with this post. I know, you're sad.


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