Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tea and Crafts for Saint Patrick's Day

The treat, this time, was not so homemade or festive. It was Little Debbie brownies. I put the foam shamrock in the middle just for "effect". Each girl got a copy of part of St. Patrick's prayer at their plate. We said it together, it was used later in a craft.

We also read these stories.....both accounts of St. Patrick's life, just presented in slightly different ways. We own the one on the left, but I'm partial to Tomie DePaola. It was borrowed from the library.Evan's favorite part of Teatime!

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Grandma Jo said...

Great ideas, Teen! You are so good at these tea times. And so clever, right down to Evan's GREEN sippy cup! These are the things the kids will remember esp the time you all spent together at tea time. How wonderful! Thanks for the pics and sharing with us! Love you all!