Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lent Teatime

We had a Lent Teatime a while back. I read to them from this Bible about the events of Holy Week. I also had the younger 2 girls do these children's bulletins. With the bulletins they made these for their room. It's a prayer and you list people to pray for on the cross.

Each teatime, one of the girls decorates for the theme. This week, of course was with the purple cloth for Lent, and then other things of their choosing which they thought fit the theme. I think Taylor did this one. She actually does most of them.

The girls loved these desserts. It was just a "mousse" made from Coolwhip mixed with choc. pudding. And then I put mousse in these premade graham cracker pie crusts. They were so easy (and so good!). With this dessert the girls had milk, except Sky and I. We always have tea.

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Grandma Jo said...

I just typed a long message here and when I went to preview it, a problem screen came up - darn it! (as Kyra would say) And when I tried to go back it took me here with a blank message! So here goes again. (Can't even remember what I said!)
Very nice, Teen! It's great how the girls get to do the displays. They do a good job! I like to see all the teatimes and displays - they will give me ideas for my CCD classes next year even though I don't know what class I will be assigned.
I love those desserts (mousse) Sounds so easy and I like them simple and with few ingredients. I could also use light cool whip and sugar free/fat free pudding. Can't wait to try them. Thanks, Teen! Love you all!