Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Quiet Teatime on Good Friday

We did an "impromtu" teatime on Good Friday. We read the events of the day from the Bible, and kept it kind of quiet. Taylor made hot cross buns. Ours are not so traditional, although they are very creative. We used Little Debbie Honey Buns and she "carved" crosses into them. She also made the crown of thorns out of palm from Palm Sunday Mass. We also did a Stations of the Cross around the downstairs.

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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks, again, Teen! These are great pics! I like seeing Tay laughing in the one picture. She looks happy! And the buns look yummy and carving crosses was a good idea. I still want her to show me how she made the crown of thorns palm. She could even show me with yarn. I saw a pattern for that but couldn't figure it out exactly. (on the internet) I could possibly use that in my class next year depending on the age I'm assigned. Love you all!