Saturday, January 7, 2012

They Made Me Do It

Okay, not really.
They didn't make me do it.
It was more like "convinced me to see the benefits of it".

I was all set to take the tree down today.
...and the outside lights and decorations.

When Alexa gets in her silly moods, she has Evan in hysterics!  I know this picture is a little blurred, but it really captures just how much his big sister amuses him.

I know this warm weather was perfect to get those down.

But as Evan and Alexa also pointed out, these warmer days are rare.

And fresh air and mild temps will soon be only something we long for as we look forward to Spring.

So how could I say no to spending some time with 2 of my favorite people in our backyard on an evening like this?

I just couldn't.

So the tree still stands, fully decorated.

And we are one of the last people in our neighborhood with the outside lights still up.

I'm okay with this.

There's always tomorrow.

Wonder what they'll talk me into next.  ;)

In my defense, though, the house did get cleaned on Friday
....bathrooms, kitchen, dusting and some laundry.

So, we'll just have to see about tomorrow.
I'm not worried.

Hope you are making the most of your weekend.  :)


Grandma Jo said...

Don't want to miss those special moments with the kids! Glad they talked you into it! You can take down decorations in the house anytime - but I hope you don't get caught taking down outside decorations in the freezing cold! This week should be pretty good weather-wise, so if you can get to it in the next few days you should be fine. Ter and Tony taking ours down today.
Alexa and Evan on the swings - some great pics! I LOVE the close up of Alexa! Such a PRETTY girl!
It's nice those two get along so well most of the time! Hope you have a great Sunday! Love ya! <3

Tina said...

I did get the decorations down....well, all the indoor ones. The outdoor ones are still there. I don't light them, though, so you can hardly tell they're still up. Maybe I can leave them up all year, just not lit. It would save me some work next year ;) JK...I'll probably get them down this weekend. Alexa usually doesn't let me take her picture, but I begged her and it worked. Love ya too!