Saturday, January 7, 2012

It Makes My Heart Glow

Evan says this now, anytime someone does something kind, or says something kind to him.

"It makes my heart glow"

And he smiles.

 I know I'm probably partial to that smile, in fact I'm sure I am,
But that smile makes my heart glow.
This was on an afternoon I had planned to clean.

Evan had other plans for us.

He said, "The girls get to have a fun afternoon, why can't we?"
(He was refering to them being dropped off at their Girls Club)
I knew he was right
but it is hard to put the work aside sometimes.
and I know the work needs to be done,
but on this day
after a specific request from my son,
how could I say no?
We played "monster tag",
and he giggled so hard he had to stop running at times.

And we discussed our shadows
as I pushed him on the swing.

When our shadows hid from us, and the wind picked up
it was time to head to the van for water
and to warm up a bit.

Then time to head home, where I faced this...

The tree that needs taken down. 

Remind me to fire my little "house cleaning fairies".
They suck.
But I continued to ignore that mess
and instead enjoyed more time with my boy.

I'm so glad I listened to my boy
and my heart.
This day, this special time with Evan
really made my heart glow.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Make it special!

And for the record, the cleaning fairies never came,
but I managed to clean it all the next day.
And the tree comes down today.


Grandma Jo said...

You've got some beautiful sundown pictures on here, Tina. I love Evan's new saying! It makes my heart glow! I like the way Evan's eyes smile when he smiles! Such a cutie! I also like the saying "Thinking of you makes me smile....with my heart!" I have a card that says that that I will send to Annette for Valentine's Day probably. Glad you had a good fun day with Evan! Making great memories! Love ya! <3

Tina said...

I like that saying, too, mom! I should get a card for Annette, too. I should have done that for Christmas, but I'll try to do a "thinking of you" card this week. It was a good day with Evan. I'm trying to be more "intentional" in how I spend my time. Love u!