Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snowy Monday!......and yes, it's another post that ends in hot chocolate.

Every morning, I check the weather on the internet, as I sip my coffee.  On Monday, the weathermen called for some rain, but that was about it.  We went about our day....breakfast, prayers, school, lunch.

I checked the weather after lunch briefly too, when I checked my email (and facebook....yes, I'm on facebook), while the kids were on their freetime break.  At this point there was a chance of a few flurries....perhaps a dusting in some areas.

I was really hoping we'd get something.....something.  I knew it wouldn't be much, but just something that could pile up a little, and get the kids excited.

Within just a few minutes, some really nice, fat flakes came cascading down out of the sky.  I called Evan to the sliding glass doors to look out and man do I wish I was video taping that moment.  His face went from a "what, mom?" to a "OH.MY.GOSH.LOOK AT THAT!!!"  He started jumping up and down and exclaiming "It's snowing!  It's snowing!  It's snowing!"

I kept telling him it wasn't going to last or pile up at all, but we should still enjoy watching out the window it while it lasts.  But who was I kidding?  We couldn't just stay inside and watch from behind the glass.  We had to take this moment in and get as much out of it as we could!

 In Northern Virginia, snow is a hit or miss situation. 
An all or nothing.  And the weather forecasters were positive this was a nothing.

We have, in the past, been in the direct line of an awesome, snowpounding, whiteout, blizzard of a storm.  And we have also had winter's go by with only a flake or two dropping by for a very brief visit.
Every year it's anybody's guess how much snowfall we'll get around here. 

Those whopper storms are only every few years, when everything in the universe aligns just right.  They are very rare.

So I wasn't about to let this moment (and that's all this might be....a brief snow moment) go by without at least trying to catch a measly snowflake or two with our tongues, without feeling soft, cold snowflakes landing on our eyelashes.  We had to get out there...... fast, before it just stopped. 

So I went into hyperdrive to get ready (and procrastinated, yet again, with taking down the tree).......and we bundled up and headed out to the back yard.

We laughed, and ran around a bit.  The ground wasn't even covered, so the yard was kinda muddy.
I need to get a cute hat like Sky's.  I had to borrow John's since I don't have my own. 

A walk on the sidewalk (and out of the mud) amidst the snow flurries seemed like a good idea.  We went through the neighborhood, breathing in the cold, fresh air.  It's quite invigorating and makes you feel so alive, taking a walk like that.

We did start to feel a little too "invigorated" and the kids began complaining a bit of frozen toes, fingers, noses, etc.   I think they were just in "kahoots", trying to get sympathy so they could talk me into some hot chocolate. 

Little did they know I had planned on it, already.  I mean come on....if you've ever read this blog before or know me at all, you know that boatloads of my winter posts end with hot chocolate.  I love the stuff.  Don't judge me.  ;)

We peeled off the wet/slightly muddy clothes (one of the children....not mentioning any names.....ahem.... nine year old girl), thought it would be cool to try to make a snow angel in the whopping 1/18 inch of snow in the backyard. 

In case you are wondering, it doesn't work.  It just melts the snow in that one spot she landed, and smashes the grass and smears the mud in an almost recognizable angel formation.

 She does get an A for effort and bonus points for enthusiasm!  We love that girl! (who still shall remain nameless)

Everyone got dry and cozy and then we sipped our hot chocolate and ate the last of our gingerbread family.  We hate to see them go.  Actually we like to see them go, because they are yummy! 
But we hate to see them gone. :(
You're not really shocked by the vast array of Swiss Miss I keep on hand, are you?

Taylor was at school, so she didn't get the walk in the snow with us.  Well, actually she did get the walk in the snow, but just not with us. The snow kept falling and she had to walk from her bus stop, so I guess she did have her walk in the snow.  And I made her some of my fancy shmancy hot chocolate when she got in.  :)

And as an added bonus to my day....the tree is dooooowwwwwnnnnn!
I win.

Happy Winter, Everyone!


Grandma Jo said...

Love your blogs, Tina! They are so interesting, partly because they are about my daughter and grandchildren, but also the way you word things. You could write a book!! Maybe a children's book? I know you have so much extra time! Love the pics on here, too! I'm glad you all have fun in the snow. I just clean off my car and hate the snow! I should try a walk some time - as long as it isnt a blizzard! We had some whippingly awesome winds on Friday! I did go out in it a little as I went from car to house and back again! lol Thanks for sharing! :) (Hot Chocolate has been my friend more than coffee lately!)

Tina said...

Thanks, mom! Glad you are enjoying the posts and pics. I enjoy blogging partly because it's like scrapbooking, which I really don't have time for anymore. Hope you enjoy your snow and hot chocolate! :) Love ya!