Saturday, January 14, 2012

If You Fill Them, They Will Come

That is a cheesy title.  Yes, I'm aware of this.  It's all I've got right now.

We have bird feeders in one of the trees in our back yard.  I've mentioned this before.   The tree is pretty close to the house and very visible from the school room window.  We only fill it during the winter.  I kept putting it off this year, but finally got to it this week.  Evan's pretty happy about it.  The birds fluttering around the tree and eating off the feeders in the back yard add just a teensy bit of excitement to our rather drab looking wintertime back yard.

We filled them Friday.

We get tons of birds here, as you can tell by all the nests.

And Alexa and Evan left some treats for the bunnies, too.

We went inside and had some ....drink that is sweet.  And chocolatey.  I'm sure you can't imagine what it is (sarcasm).  Actually I'm pretty sure you could guess as I seem too have an addiction or unhealthy obsession with the stuff this time of year.  I can't help it!  It's good stuff!
Today we checked the feeders before breakfast and they seemed to be untouched.  Evan was disappointed but I told him it takes a little while for the birds, squirrels and bunnies to realize that the buffet has reopened.

By mid afternoon, one of those critters must have gotten the word out, though.

We had a pair of cardinals stop for lunch, too, but they didn't stick around for a picture.

I'm looking forward to getting the Blue Jays and hopefully a woodpecker now and then this winter.

The ninja squirrels stopped by the tree at one point, too, but we didn't see any rabbits.

It's been a mostly indoors kinda day today, because it's so cold.  I really don't care for the cold at all, but whatcha gonna do.

I'm trying to enjoy the seasons as they come but I really, really, really can't wait till our beach trip this summer.  You think I talk about hot chocolate too much?  Wait till the beach trip gets near.  I will probably never shut up about it.

Hope you're having a sunshiney weekend with your favorite people!



Grandma Jo said...

Another post! Wow! This is great! I love looking at these. Looks like you will be having some feathered friends this winter in your back yard - and some bunnies and ninja squirrels (lol), too!! Have a fun winter - and then off to sun and surf!! Love ya! LYAB!!

Tina said...

Hoping to make the best of winter. But can not wait till June!! <3