Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to Normal

Irene came......and went.

For us it was just rain, rain and more rain.....and a little wind. 

No power outages, no flooding, no downed trees.

 I am not complaining one bit.  I am quite relieved about the whole thing. 

We played it safe and prepared and just rode out the storm which for our area, ended up being much milder than originally predicted.   That was very good. 

We just spent the day playing games, watching movies, talking and eating.  And Taylor had her friend Shen over, so they were mostly hanging out in her room (which is why she's not in any pics).

Skylar and Alexa worked together in their room for a time, making some videos together.  Some of them singing, some of them just being silly.  It passed the time, took their mind off any worry about the storm and they had a good time together.  (And the silly videos are hysterical!)

Our damages were......very little  nonexistent.

See for yourself....

Nope, don't think we'll be sending these pics into Nationwide to make a claim.  Don't think they care much about that tipped plant on my front porch or the "leaf damage" on my back deck.

 No damage. 

We are fortunate and I thank God we are OK.  I know many people are dealing with major damage to their homes and property and lives were even lost due to this powerful storm.  My heart goes out to them and their families.

 A local girl, about my daughter's age, was coming back to Manassas from a vacation with her family.  Due to the power being out, the traffic light wasn't working and she lost her life in a tragic car accident. 

My prayers go out to all who are suffering from the ravages of Irene.

Hope this next week is filled with beautiful (and safe) weather.


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Grandma Jo said...

Looks like you had great family time!! well except for Taylor - but she had great friend time! Glad you had no damage! Do we get to see any of those videos?? Thanks for sharing!!
Sorry to hear about the local girl who lost her life in the accident. I think I heard something about that on the news. What a way to end a vacation! That poor family! I will say a prayer for the girl and her family. LYAB!! :)