Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Baby Girl

She's obviously not my "baby girl" any more, but being that Alexa is the youngest of my girls, I guess I'll always see her that way. Despite her strong desire to be with friends, and her begging for her own email, she's my little girl. She's has come out of her shell over the past couple of years and an amazing young person is developing right before my eyes. She's funny, friendly, creative, and curious....about many things. Though she is influenced by friends, her big sister and (hopefully still) me, she's finding what she enjoys and what is most important to her. She likes music by Adelle. And not just the famous songs. She listens to all her songs, learns the lyrics and sings along with her. And we are discovering that Alexa can sing.....really. She's pretty darn good. She also wants to be clear in the fact that she's not that little pink-loving princess anymore. She's an older girl, with older tastes. She likes "stylish" clothes and dark colors of nail polish. Her appearance is becoming more important to her, but luckily it's not anywhere near obsession. She just likes to feel good about how she looks, mostly for parties or going to the movies, etc.
Seems I can't deny it. My baby girl is growing up. I might, on a rare occasion, miss that little frilly pink, sparkly, princess-lovin' little girl. But I am very happy to see this beautiful, witty, fun-lovin' young girl emerge and I am blessed to have front row seats.
We love you, Alexa. Happy 9th birthday sweet girl!
And remember....You're perfect to me.

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Grandma Jo said...

Love Alexa no matter what! But she is wearing pink and purple in some of these photos! LOL And she's 9! not 13! She's not a baby but I think just wants to grow up fast to be a "Taylor." She loves her big sister so much she wants to be like her - quickly! LOL I'm just glad she liked the things I got her for her birthday! She's a sweetheart no matter how you look at it! Don't grow up too fast, Alexa! But I'm glad you are your own person! And I can't wait to hear you sing! :)