Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekends Rock

A Springtime weekend began with beautiful weather on Saturday. Hmmmm....what to do? For Alexa, it's a "no-brainer". Play outside with neighborhood friends. But they were all roller blading and my girls don't have rollerblades. So they've never acquired that skill. On this particular day, Alexa decided to be a little brave. And her friends decided to be quite generous. She borrowed a pair from her friend. And the lessons began....pretty good lessons from patient friends. They cheered her on and lended a hand when needed. It was pretty cool to watch.....from across the street, where Evan and I were pulling weeds and trimming bushes, sweeping up and laying mulch.That boy was workin' hard for sure.
Once the work was done, we took a well deserved break. The best kind of break on a hot day. A popsicle break. Really is there any other kind of break on a day like this?! I think not.
Skylar did help us pull some weeds too, then went off on a life saving mission. She figured out that some of the "weeds" we were pulling were actually baby trees. Some seeds had fallen from our front yard trees into our landscaping and started to grow new trees. She stopped pulling and began saving. We let her keep one. She planted it in a cup and it now sits on our counter waiting to get big enough to be planted in the back yard. That girl is very green, I tell you. It was a good weekend. A really good weekend and the sun was our friend.
Hope this warm weather is making for some awesome Spring days for you, too. Have a great day! Make it special!

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Grandma Jo said...

Busy and fun weekend! You go, Alexa!! What great helpers - Sky and Evan! That boy really did deserve a popsicle break!! Love seeing the pics! Thanks for sharing! LYAB!