Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saint Francis Nature Club: Seeds

On Monday, we met with our homeschool group's Nature Club. They ran this group in the Fall, but at least one of my children was sick for every meeting, so we never did get to attend that session.

We were excited to get out there and finally participate in this Spring session. This lesson was taught by a wonderful, kind and very knowledgeable mom. The talk was on Seeds. We learned 4 different ways seeds are planted and what a seed needs to grow. We looked at seeds she brought, right there under the pavilion, then went on a hike to see if we could find some. (Evan is sportin' the all-important walking stick.....a must-have accessory for every hike.)

Skylar found one pretty quickly. It was a black walnut (if I remember correctly). Evan found one, too. His was tiny and I'm amazed he spotted it. I'm not sure what type of seed his was.

We saw lots of other interesting stuff on this walk,

this flower I have yet to identify.

Skunk cabbage

(no, I didn't just know that....the very smart homeschool mom that taught the seed lesson pointed this out to us).

Check out the roots on this tree. Very cool.

Now this is what we like to see after some time in the great outdoors.....very tired children. :)

On our way back, we came across these two.

They were just minding their own business, and so were we. We checked them out and "oooh-ed" and "aahhh-ed" a bit, then moved on.

We are looking forward to the next time the Nature Club meets. I'm not sure what the next talk is on, but there will be one coming up this session on the Food Chain.

The children (with as little help from me as possible) will be dissecting owl pellets. I'm glad we eat lunch before the club begins. I'll try to get loads of pictures for you on that day. ;)

Good night all!



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Grandma Jo said...

Looks like you all had a great nature day! I remember the pics of Skylar "enjoying" dissecting owl pellets previously! Ewwwwww! and she's going to do it again?!!

Sky looks very happy with her find, Evan looks like a seasoned hiker and Alexa looks very tired but I hope she enjoyed the day! LYAB!!