Friday, April 8, 2011

He's Ready

Evan's first soccer game is tomorrow, and he's ready. He really worked hard on his "listening skills" at last night's practice and he did much better. And he knew it. From the field he yelled, "Did you see that mom?!" with that proud smile on his face. I gave him a thumbs up and said, "Good Job, Buddy!" It warms me up from the inside out to see him do his best and try really hard.


We bought Evan some soccer socks to wear to practice. They have the shin guards build right in. He loves them. He didn't want to take them off after practice last night. And he'll tell anyone who will listen to him that he has "real soccer socks, coz he's a real soccer player".


He's in the next room right now, drinkin' chocolate milk and watchin' some cartoons in his jammies......... and his "real soccer socks".

Have a great Friday, everyone! Make it an awesome day!




Theresa said... sweet...what a REAL SOCCER player he is!!! He looks very professional in his soccer uniform.

Good luck to him and his team!!

Grandma Jo said...

How cute my little grandson looks in those "real soccer socks!" I remember how Mike always used to make sure Mom saw what he was doing when he was playing T-ball!! Isn't that the greatest feeling, Tina! Loved it! Hope he has lots of fun playing soccer! He's a fun kid!! Hope I get to see him play! LYAB!!