Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rolling Around in my Brain Today

  • We learned a lot about seeds and had a blast with the nature study group (even though there were only a few families there this time)

  • We were outside most of yesterday

  • Yesterday was a beautiful glimpse of summer

  • My house is a mess (see above)

  • Evan looks adorable in his soccer uniform

  • After Evan's 1st soccer practice last night, I realize we need to work on his listening skills

  • I love Spring

  • I hate stinkbugs, but they apparently love us.....and every spot in our house

  • My van is trashed

  • It's really easy to get behind in laundry

  • Grocery shopping is not my favorite

  • We are not on schedule for school this week (again, see first three bullets above)

  • Saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, "You are in Northern Virginia. Expect Delays". So true.

  • I love fruit

  • I love when a strong, warmish wind blows as a storm is moving in. I could just stand out in the yard, like a kid, with my arms open wide like I'm flying. It feels so free. (Not that I did that last night, or anything.....because I'm obviously too old for that)

  • Coffee is yucky without creamer

  • Coffee with creamer is amazingly delicious

  • I love the beach. love it. love it. love it.

That is all for now. You survived a trip through my brain on a random Tuesday. It wasn't too bad, now was it?




Tina said...

My bullets wont line up in this post. ugh. Guess that's how it's gonna stay, then.

Grandma Jo said...

Sometimes I HATE computers! I'm starting this comment again but may not have time to finish it.

We had a beautiful Monday, too! Then yesterday was awfully cold and dreary with some snow flurries, rain, wind, hail etc. Today is a mixture of both.

Can't wait to see Evan in his soccer outfit!

Please get rid of the stinkbugs before I come down for a visit! lol We haven't had many - yet.

Your van is trashed and your behind in laundry! Why? You only have 4 kids with tons of things to do! lol jk

I'm not crazy about grocery shopping either.

I hope you did enjoy the wind last night! You're never too old for that!

You love the beach x3? Is that a hint about your vacation this year?

A trip through your brain is always good! Thanks for sharing!