Monday, April 4, 2011

An Optimistic Daybook :)

For Today: Monday, April 4, 2011


I am hearing:

The coffee maker making me some wake-me-up goodness. And Curious George on TV in the other room.

I am wearing:

Jeans, black stripey socks, and a brown long-sleeved T. I'll probably be changing the shirt, though. Supposed to get pretty warm today!

I am feeling:

Happy about today's weather and a very full week ahead. Also tired, from not getting enough sleep last night.

I am thinking:

I wish we had creamer. I'm not a fan of coffee without it. :( I do have deeper thoughts rolling around in my head, but this is at the front of my brain right now.

I am smelling:

Evan's cinnamon toast waffles, my blueberry oatmeal and coffee. Oh yeah.

Plans for today:

Today is nature club for all and Evan's first soccer practice is this evening (SO CUTE!) and usually Sky's karate, but we have to skip it to see how long soccer practice is. The timing might not work out and don't want to leave either child stranded.

Later this week:

an appt. for the younger girls, a meeting for me, more soccer practice, karate, preschool group for Evan, girls club for Alexa and Sky, a birthday party and also Stations of the Cross on Friday night. Saturday we want to go see HOP! and then Sunday the girls have their last CCD classes for the year so there's a party (note to ccd teacher gifts this week). Then next Monday the girls have a Lent Retreat after morning Mass.

The liturgical year:

Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, the girls upcoming Lent retreat, might go to confession this Saturday instead of waiting for the Penance Service.

I am hoping:

to get to my dads.....finally. thinking next Tuesday but have to wait on the weather to see for sure.

I am reading:

Not much. Does reading to Evan count? I'm just reading my lenten devotional, but I'm ordering some books from Amazon sooooooon. There are a couple in my shopping cart that I'm anxious to get!


grocery store for food for us. Also need to get end of year teacher gifts and a birthday gift for Skylar's friend. At some point soon I'll need to get our gardening stuff so we can plant veggies in big pots on the deck. Can't wait for that! And I should start thinking of what everyone will need to wear for Easter Mass, too. Too much to think brain hurts.

From the kitchen:

well, not sure. Grocery store tomorrow, so I better think fast!

Picture to share:

Evan made this tunnel for his train. He was very proud of he should be. It was awesome!For more Daybook entries, stop by Peggy's.

Have a great week, everyone!



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Grandma Jo said...

Ok I JUST wrote a long response to your blog and when I hit the preview button they said they were unable to process my request!! Baloney!! There was an error! Arrrrrrgh!! I'll get back to this later. Sorry. I'm not in the mood now. :{ LYAB!