Thursday, March 24, 2011


The girls started it. They put up a sign on their door (my 8 and 12 yr. old share a room). They wrote out the NO BOYS ALLOWED big and bold, with a symbol that really gets the point across to their little brother. There is some fine print there at the bottom, though.....the (except maybe Evan).
That was smart of them, actually, putting that "maybe" in there. That way it's left up to them on a moment by moment basis. It's always at their discretion, based on what they are doing or what moods they are in.
On this particular day, Evan wanted in BADLY. They know he can't read, yet. So they read the sign to him, leaving out the "fine print". He was hoppin' mad!
"Mommy, I want a sign for my room!" I told him I'd help him make it.
It's only fair.

He wanted some fine print on his, too, only his wording is a bit different.

*big grin* I love my little boy. :)
Watching my kids and how they get along wonderfully, then 2 seconds later fight like cats and dogs reminds me of my own childhood.
Sibling rivalry is timeless. Usually, when you get older and you have your own children you appreciate your siblings more than ever.
They know your story from the beginning.
And they love you unconditionally.
And you can look back and laugh together, even at some of the things that, at one time, made you angry. I'm very thankful that my children have siblings. And, I'm very thankful for my own. :)
So, give your siblings a call today and tell them you love them!
Or, if you are one of the fortunate ones who lives in the same area as your sibs, make plans for an afternoon together.
Siblings are one of the greatest gifts our parents give us. So thank your mom and dad while you're at it. :)
So to my siblings......I love you guys!
And to mom and dad......Thanks!


Theresa said...

We LOVE you too!! This made me should write a book because although we all have these stories (some of us even share a few) can tell them like no other...and I'm not just saying that because your my sister and perhaps at times when we were younger the target of some of my "now not so proud of moments" but because you really can tell a story...still laughing :) love ya...

Tina said...

Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad this amused you. You definitely know my story and oooohhhh the stories I know about you. ;) Spiders while sleeping.....cough, cough. Secret adoption...mmmhhhhmmm. lol. <3 u!

Grandma Jo said...

Your welcome, Tina! I've always felt my 4 children were my greatest blessings. And now my grandchildren, too! I love your blog writing even more now! You have been blessed with such a way with words and thoughts that like Ter said "you should write a book" and I agree!! Of course, I don't know when you'd have time to do that - you barely have time for your blog writing! Of course, you could put all your blog writings into a book! We'd just have to think of a catchy title! Maybe "The Best of Times!" LOL And you are so right about siblings! I love getting together with mine - although we have one straggler that I wish could read your blog. Maybe she'd get in touch with us then. All we can do is keep praying and sending her cards. Thanks for this wonderful blog! LYAB!!

Tina said...

Thanks, mom! And I do keep your sister in my prayers too, always hopeful that she'll find her way back. Love you much!

Grandma Jo said...

Thanks, Tina! Appreciate the prayers. Hope all these prayers being said for her work the way we want one of these days but it's really up to her and God. We can just keep praying that she is well and happy! LYAB!!