Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back and Forth

When I think of Spring, I think of
mild temperatures,
baby animals,
beautiful blooms popping up in the yard, etc.
But the reality of Spring is more like......
Yay! Spring is here! It's so warm, let's put away the coats!....
no, wait, now it's freezing........
oh, look a blooming flower and feel that warm, gentle breeze!.....
oh crud! it's downpouring that cold, drizzly rain today.

Spring is a yo-yo. Or perhaps it's more acurately named than we realize.
We spring back and forth between good mild temps and cold nasty weather, almost on a daily basis.
Today is one of those cold, nasty, drizzly days.
Yesterday, was one of the warm, sushine-y mild days.

When I see the clouds and feel the damp coldness of today, I prefer to think.....
of yesterday (and the many more beautiful days to come).

So here are some photos I took........yesterday.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Spring from where we were sittin'....yesterday.

We'll call this the "front yard edition". I plan on bringing more springtime pics soon,

from the backyard.



1 comment:

Grandma Jo said...

Great Spring pics! You had a visitor, too! (bunny) Easter can't be far away! How cool! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why Spring is spring!! LYAB!!