Monday, February 21, 2011

Daybook at Night

For Today: February 21, 2011
I am thinking: about the weather and wondering what we will find when we wake up in the morning. They are calling for two or three inches of snow, but we'll just have to wait and see what we actually get right here.
Outside my window: very cold and very dark. Snow is falling as this February night reminds us it is still Winter.
I am wearing: cornflower blue flannel PJs with an offwhite floral print. I'm also wearing a brown long sleeved T and high black socks. No matchy matchy at the's all about comfort tonight.
I am hearing: the sound of Evan breathing, then steady hum of the sound machine and my own clicky clack typing on this keyboard. I was hearing some nasty frozen something or other falling from the sky, but I think it has turned to a silent snowfall now.
I am praying for: my oldest daughter, still suffering from a virus that is causing terrible pain in her throat along with congestion and it's majorly wiping her out. I'm beginning to see a doctor visit in the not-so-distant tomorrow, if the weather cooperates. Also for my sister-in-law who was in a car accident, but thankfully she's okay. And John's sister who is so strong, but battling so much on a daily basis. And for my dad, of course, whose health always concerns me. There are others, too, in need of prayers, like my sister-in-law in FL whose mom has Alzheimers....... such a horrible disease.
I am remembering: Having some fun with the kids at the Cabaret this weekend. It was put on by our church and Taylor worked "behind the scenes" as an assistant stage manager. So the other three kids and I enjoyed popcorn and candy as we saw musical numbers, skits and the very funny improv group. We were surprised to see Skylar's best friend's dad was one of the improv comedians! We talked to him before and after the show. We also ran into other friends there. It was a really nice time. We would have loved for John to join us, but he had lots of studying to do and with us all out, he was left with a quiet house and a great environment for focus and concentration. :)
I am planning: some Lent activities, lessons, stories, teatimes, meals etc.
I want to remember: John making the effort to come to Mass this weekend....and the wonderfully kind thing he did while we were there. Unfortunately we were there without Taylor. :( We prayed for her during Mass, of course.
Looking forward to: seeing my dad and his wife AND my grandma soon.....road trip!
So thankful for: my dad's health. We had a bit of a scare recently. Immensely thankful that he is okay. Thankful for good health for all my family....and hoping Taylor is well soon.
From the kitchen: Went to SuperTarget today AND John went to Costco......rarely does that happen on the same day. So we are fully stocked for food (and meds). This week we'll have.....homemade pizzas, pulled bbq chicken in the crock pot, soup, chicken tenders and fries, pasta and sauce, stuffed pepper casserole. all yummy stuff
I am hoping: Taylor gets well soon and that they cancel her school for tomorrow so she doesn't have to officially miss another day. Missing school bothers her a lot as she doesn't want to get too far behind in her work. But she's smart and consciencious so I think she just needs to focus on getting better.
A picture thought I am sharing.......

My sweet, sweet little boy

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Grandma Jo said...

Sweet picture of Evan! What a cutie! It's nice to see on here what is going on there. Miss all of you! Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on your life - it's so far removed from ours. Wish there was a way to change that. We ALL miss you ALL. Thanks for these blogs. I am grateful that things are going well for you and that for the most part you are all healthy and happy! God Bless you all! LYAB!!