Monday, January 10, 2011

***A Winter Daybook***

FOR TODAY: January 10, 2011
Outside my window: Cloudy and very, very cold.
I am wearing: flannel jammies, socks, and my big heavy robe. It feels so cold in this house...especially downstairs.
I am hearing: Evan playing with his toys on the floor. John is off to work, Taylor to school, but the other girls are still in bed. (or perhaps they are reading up there and trying to delay the start to their school day....hmmmm)
I am thinking: that it's time (once the kids are well) to head to the chapel at our church for some adoration. Even if we do it in little short spirts to get them (especially Evan) used to it. We drove by the back of the church last night, and you could see right in the chapel. It felt as though I was being "drawn" towards it.
Thankful for: this warm house, our new church, John's job, winter stories, hot drinks, cozy blankets, etc. etc. etc. I could go on all day.
I am planning: school lessons for Evan. Last week's theme was Winter, this week it will continue, but we'll be branching off a bit (mittens, animals in winter, polar animals, etc.)
Today: planning a little Teatime for The Baptism of the Lord. We made cookies for it last week. Skylar, Alexa and Evan all have colds, so we'll be staying home today, hopefully. It is so bitter cold outside.
Later this week: until I know how healthy everyone is feeling, this will be hard to plan. Sky normally has karate, and Evan has pre K group and Alexa has PE (which she has not been to in a while), but no one that is feeling sick is going any of these places. Might be a week spent mostly at home. We'll see, day by day. We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow. Not too much, though. And with the kids being sick, I don't want them out playing in it anyway. I'm such a party pooper.
I am reading: Before I Go, by Peter Kreeft
From the kitchen: salsa chicken and rice, green pepper casserole (yummy), probably a lame dinner of nuggets some night, soup and rolls or crackers, and possibly mini pizzas ( but I need a quick run to the store for english muffins). I want to make some home made hot chocolate, but I need to find a simple recipe for that.
The liturgical year: celebrating the Baptism of the Lord today. Kinda sad that Christmas is over. We really enjoyed Adven and Christmas this year, and there's not a person in this house that wants it to end.
I am remembering: how cute Evan is when he prays the rosary with us. He's been joining us lately for a decade or two. I'm not even telling him to, he just comes in and joins us. It's amazing how many prayers children learn, just from hearing them said over and over. He knows the whole Hail Mary and I never "officially" taught him! He knows parts of the Our Father, too. Love to hear his little voice praying with us!
I am hoping: to go to my dad's for a visit for his birthday in February. We are overdue for a trip to his place. And as an added bonus, we get to see my grandma!
A picture thought....
Evan received this building set for Christmas and it's so much fun. We play with these together, making robots and helicopters and cars and boats. He laughs when we have little "battles" and I make silly voices as my robots fall apart. I love to hear him giggle.
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Have a great day, everyone!


Sherri said...

My family was just complaining about how cold it was in our house this morning. Thank goodness for cozy blankets for sure. They are a part of my daily wardrobe :)

Have a great day!

Grandma Jo said...

I get so mad when my computer just quits and eliminates all that I just typed!! ugh!
Thanks for sharing your morning and your thoughts in the daybook. Hot chocolate recipe - would hot cocoa do? Get a can of Hershey's cocoa and the recipe is on there. You might as well get lots of milk. You add it last after you make the "syrup." Don't remember the quantities but you put cocoa and sugar and some water and a pinch of salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add milk and mix. Add vanilla. Andrew loves it! I haven't made it lately but maybe tomorrow if there is a delay or school is closed. I could just wait for the weekend. It is very chocolatey so not sure about evenings as it could keep you up. Let me know how you like it if you try it. LYAB (If you decide to buy an off brand of cocoa and don't have the recipe, let me know and I'll find mine and give you exact measurements.)

Tina said...

Sherri....I'm trying to look at every season as a blessing, but winter is a tough one for me. :)

Mom....Thanks for the tip. I'll have to pick up some Hershey's cocoa next time I'm at the store. I'll let you know how that goes.