Monday, January 10, 2011

It Ends This Way

The Christmas Season is over. It ended yesterday with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. When I made all of those sugar cookies last week, I actually planned ahead for a Teatime to celebrate this last, special day of the Christmas Season. (wow....I actually planned's okay to be shocked)
We don't seem to be able to get everyone together on the weekend, to just relax around the table, having tea and cookies and reading and crafting together. Weekdays just work better for us. So today, the day after The Baptism of Jesus, we had our Teatime. It was very simple.....very, very simple.
Here are some pictures to prove it. We used the same, basic, white, simple teacups (or chocolate milk cups, in Evan's case) and plates. The decorations were very simple, too, although I had planned to put seashells around the candle and picture, and just totally forgot. They (the seashells) rudely reminded me of my forgetfulness later, when they stared at me from the top of my dresser, after teatime was over. I set them there so I wouldn't forget to take them downstairs. That worked well (sarcasm).
The cookies were simple and basic "looking", but quite delicious tasting! I read from our Children's Bible as the children ate their cookies. We discussed baptism and what it must have been like for John the Baptist to be the second cousin to the Messiah! We also did a very basic craft using seashell border printouts and an image of The Baptism of Jesus that I printed out. They decorated around the image with sequins.

(Skylar's, then Alexa's, then Evan's)

On days when we have more time, I really enjoy taking our time and making the table look extra special and doing a more elaborate craft. But some days don't go as planned and time does not allow for a long leisurely teatime. So we go with the flow. A shortened, simple teatime is better than none at all, I think. And regardless, the kids are still learning, and memories are still being made.

Do you do Teatimes with your children? How does it work for your family? Hope you have an enjoyable week, whatever your plans may be!




Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for the info and for sharing! Love the pics! You come up with such great and simple crafts! And you must have infinite patience! You are a wonderful mom and teacher! God Bless you!! LYAB

Tina said...

Thanks so much! The kids can attest to my NOT having infinite patience....but I'm a "work in progress". :) LYB