Monday, September 20, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook
September 20, 2010
Outside my's an overcast morning and it's kinda chilly. But it's supposed to be a beautiful sunny Autumn day!
I am wearing.....not dressed yet....still in light blue, cotton jammie pants, white cotton ankle socks, a light blue cotton T and my summer robe. Nice and cozy....but I do need to get dressed soon. It's a Monday, after all, and there is lots to do.
I am hearing.....Evan breathing. He is sitting here beside me, all snuggly as I type. He's half asleep and has a cold. Poor little guy. :(
I am reading.....nothing right now. Not even on Facebook or reading blogs much lately. Just too busy.
Our school days.....are more structured now. Not completely by the clock, more by a certain order to the day. And, although the schedule varies from day to day, there is still a comfortable pattern to them. We are up earlier now, too, which is very helpful. We basically start the day with breakfast, rosary, then I assign the girls their "on their own" schoolwork and they are off. Then Evan and I begin his preschool. After about an hour, I ring the snack bell. Then it's back to work for all. I work with Alexa to do a couple of subjects, while Evan plays or works on something quiet (hopefully) beside us. Then I fix lunch while Evan and Alexa play together. Lunch bell rings and brings happy, hungry faces to the table. The kids get recess after that, while mom cleans up, checks email, moves laundry, makes "business" calls, etc. Then they come back in and I work with Skylar. Now, on days where we have extra curricular activities, that is altered a bit. This schedule is working pretty well, so far. Yay!
I am thinking I wish I lived closer to my family. I would love to be able to get together, just to get together. I would love to go to my neices and nephew's sporting events and recitals etc. And I'd love for family to make it to my children's activities. I try not to think about it too much, because there is so much to be thankful for. I know I just need to "bloom where I am planted". I'm trying.
Plans for the week include.....karate, Evan's preschool group (if he's well enough), a teatime? and PE for Alexa. Taylor has practice for her play every day after school this week, so I'll need to pick her up. This is our "light week". Every other week is heavier with activities. Weeks like these will be our chance to keep school on track and enjoy a teatime, art and poetry lessons, extra playdates or a nature walk. :)
I am thankful for.....our new church! It's beautiful! And I'm thankful for our church's homeschool group. There are clubs for all my kids and the clubs work so well with our schedule this year. It's a long story, but I felt compelled to drop out of a co-op that we had been a part of for years. We didn't fit in there any more (not sure we ever did). But, when one door closes, God opens another! So true! I'm so happy to be meeting new people and my children are making new friends. Plus we are getting back in touch with some old ones. It's all coming together so nicely.
Makes me happy......Taylor transitioned into high school so well! She's making lots of new friends and even got a part (one of the few available) in the school's Fall play!
I am hoping.....that my husband got a good night's sleep.
From the kitchen....homemade pizza, pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, quesadillas and London Broil (courtesy of Costco) with Skylar's homemade mashed potatoes on the side...yummy.
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Grandma Jo said...

Very interesting! With you so far away, it's nice to hear how your lives are going - esp since we don't get to talk on the phone very much. You are making many great memories - and you have a great talent for writing about your life, Tina! LYAB :)