Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Had to Share This

While shopping for school supplies, I happened upon this little preschool activity book by Mead. This wonderful workbook is called Snip It. It is so neat! I've come across so many preschool workbooks that seem to have the same activities....connect the dots, mazes, letter tracing, etc. But this one works on fine motor skills with scissors and it results in art projects that the child can be proud of! It begins with easier tasks, and works it's way to more difficult ones. The first projects in the book just require the child to snip strips of colored paper into little bits that they can then put on a page to fill in the colors on simple pictures, like a rainbow or a tree. As the child progresses, they can cut out the various colored simple shapes and put them where they belong in the book. They then finish the project by coloring in the rest of the details on the page. And another cool feature is that anywhere a child is supposed to put their "snips", has a peel and stick area so there is no glue involved! This was a really fun idea worth passing on!

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Grandma Jo said...

Wow, that looks like a great activity book! Good job, Mom, for finding it and recognizing it's potential for Evan or any preschooler!