Friday, August 13, 2010

A Late Post About A Big Boy

My little 4 now. FOUR years old. Wow.

This is how our little man celebrated his special day:
A good morning birthday hug from Daddy.
A good morning birthday kiss from Mommy.
An exciting game of chess with Daddy.

Dinner at Bob Evans with some of his favorite people:
(daddy was there too, but didn't want his photo pooper ;) )



(made with love by Evan's big sister, Taylor)

Enjoying his new soccer set......

with Alexa as his cheerleader. :)

We had a nice, relaxing day celebrating four wonderful years with our little guy. Evan, you are energetic, fun loving, smart and so loveable and cute. You are my hero and my gentleman. We love you, little guy! Happy Birthday!



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Grandma Jo said...

What a fun birthday for Evan - and all of you! He's growing up so fast as I know you know! That's a great photo of you and Evan - you are both laughing! and Taylor as usual did a great job on the cake! I'm glad he has such a wonderful day!