Tuesday, August 31, 2010

File Folder Preschool Fun

I found some file folder games and neat FREE printables online to use to enhance Evan's schooling this year. One of the websites is . This site is filled with many different games and activities based on many different themes. I printed out some easier games for him to do on his own while I am working with his sisters, and some more challenging ones for us to do together.

The Monster Manners game had to be "altered" a bit. It comes with several monsters holding signs. Some of the signs have kind words printed on them, and some have rude and selfish words.
The game came with two pockets in which to sort them. One had "under the bed", the other had "in the closet". The child determines that if it's kind words, the monster can go under the bed, not so kind goes in the closet. I really don't need to put those ideas in Evan's head, so we focused on how our words make other's feel. I made happy and sad faced pockets for Evan to put the sorted monster cards into. I think he'll enjoy it and it will teach him about the power of words.

Another game is for sorting shapes. It's based on a Fall Leaves theme. This is one Evan could do on his own, once I show him how.

(The "pockets" I picked up at the dollar store. They have come in very handy.)

To make this game, you cut out and glue the leaves with the shape designs on them to the inside of the folder (below), then have the child match the coordinating leaves (above) to the ones pictured below.

There are so many themes to choose from at a variety of skill levels. Outer Space....

Apples.... Dinosaurs..... Harvest Time/Thanksgiving.....
The list goes on and on. I'm looking forward to using these with Evan! Can't wait to get our new school year started! Only one week left for us! How about you?


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Grandma Jo said...

Such great ideas! What a great teacher!! Lucky Evan!