Monday, March 1, 2010

~~~The Simple Womans Daybook~~~

For Today: March 1, 2010

Outside my window.....right now it is cold, very cold, and dark. Earlier today it was sunny, well at least partly cloudy, but we'll take what we can get. The temp. was 51, but with the wind it felt more like 30. Bummer.

I am wearing......socks, light blue striped jammie pants with light green stripes and a matching green jammie shirt. My hair is down and I'm also wearing my white cozy robe. LOVE this thing.

From the kitchen......hmmm....basically the same stuff....stuffed pepper casserole, soup and rolls, pasta without meatballs on Friday, tilapia fish with rice and veggies on the side....oh, and Bruschetta Chicken Bake which the kids really enjoy, but I haven't made it for a while. Very yummy on these cold nights.

I am thinking.....about all the things I need to do for our big vacation in May. Reservations, and lists, and ordering. It will be a blast and we can't wait! But first I need to make sure I do what needs to be done to prepare.

Around the house......we need to do some deep cleaning and purging of "stuff", but there is so much going on right now, it's not the week for it. Actually it might not be the month for it, either.

I am praying for......the repose of the soul of our pastor's mother. Praying for their entire family as they deal with the loss.

The rest of the week....BUSY.....eye doctor appts. for 3 kids, dentist for 2 kids plus mom, oil change in van, meeting for Alexa's Jesus Day retreat, co-op on Friday, Sky has a playdate with a friend, Alexa makes her First Confession on Saturday morning and Taylor will be working at the church on Saturday morning, too. All this, plus school work, karate, dance, and oh yeah, the daily stuff like making meals, doing laundry, etc. I'm trying to not wish this week would be over. Every day is a gift, and that is what I am going to focus on this week.

School days......we are moving right along! So happy the girls are doing so well and getting those lessons done. I realize we aren't doing as much of the schoolwork that they really enjoy (art, science, geography), but this time of year we need to get it done and then they need to take their tests. We should finish school by early May!! The snow days that put school kids behind actually helped us to get ahead because we could get more done with all the cancellations of outside activities.

I am get a good night's sleep.
I am reading......Lenten prayerbooks and devotionals, mostly.

Looking farther ahead......a big year for us. Alexa makes her First Confession on Saturday, then her First Holy Communion in May. Taylor makes her Confirmation in April. All of these beautiful sacraments are so exciting! But there is a lot of prep work...meetings, retreats, paperwork, service hours, tours, deadlines. Other things coming up are Taylor's Birthday, Holy Week, Easter, another belt ceremony for Sky (not until April), I turn 40 (EEEEK!!!) and so I have to renew my driver's license. Then there's testing, signing Taylor up for high school (which brings with it more appts and a whole slew of paperwork), Mother's Day, planning a party/parties for the previously mentioned sacramental celebrations. Oh and then we are going to Disney in May!!!!

A picture thought I am sharing......

(my Valentine's Day roses from John) I wuv him! ;)

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Grandma Jo said...

You just need a few more things to do and then you can admit yourself to a mental hospital. LOL haha jk you do so well with all that you do! I'm sure God will give you the strength and where-with-all to do what needs to be done! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love reading your blogs! Thanks! LYB