Friday, February 26, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

I check the weather on a local TV station's website every day. And this year, that little red box has appeared at the top very often. The box is filled with "watches" and "warnings" for our area. We've had Winter Weather Warnings a lot this year. It's getting to be commonplace for this winter and really doesn't cause any alarm at this point. Today it's a High Wind Warning that's streaked across the top of the weather page. And they're not kidding. It has been blowing with a bitter cold wind out there since yesterday. It's intense.

But, I really wish we could have some new kind of warning. The kind that only exist in my desperate-for-this-winter-to-end mind. Wouldn't it be cool, though, to go to the weather page and at the top, in the red box it would read:

Spring Weather Warning: The following counties should be prepared for warm temperatures and sunshine, with occasional glimpses of flowers beginning to blossom....

If that was the case, everyone would be hoping and praying that their county was in the warning area.

I know Spring is coming. It just feels as if it's taking a really. long. time.


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Grandma Jo said...

I agree! Seems like a VEEEEEry long winter!!