Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Proud

Life has been crazy this week here in our house. Evan got a terrible stomach virus Saturday night, then around 5 inches of snow fell starting Tuesday night, then that nasty stomach bug got me Tuesday night.....ALL night. My oldest daughter has been sooo incredibly helpful, holding down the fort for us. Since I got sick she's been making the meals for our family, packing lunches for her dad, watching her younger sisters all day, doing dishes and even entertaining her sisters with stories and crafts! Not to mention, she brought Evan and I a bell to ring when we need her. He and I (the sickies) have been quarantined in his room to try to prevent the others from getting this. Taylor has been so helpful and not complaining one bit! She is such an amazing girl! Thank you, Taylor! We love you soo much!


Angela said...

wow, what a blessing!

Grandma Jo said...

Yay! Taylor! Good job! I'm proud of you too! Can you come to my house next time I am sick - or when we all get sick? You would make a great "mother's helper," too!! You are certainly storing up treasures in heaven! LYB