Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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FOR TODAY: February 2, 2010

Outside my is starting to look and feel gloomy with the impending snowstorm that is soon to arrive. The clouds are making it feel like it is later than it is. The temperature is almost 40 degrees, though, so the storm will begin as rain.

I am hearing.....Evan playing on his bedroom floor as I sit here in his room with him. He is acting fine, but apparently still fighting this stomach virus that attacked his poor little body this past Saturday night.

I am hoping.......that he is well soon and that the other children, John and I can avoid getting this sickness.

From the kitchen......I winging it with what I have in stock. I usually grocery shop Monday afternoons with my weekly menu in mind. But since Evan was sick, I didn't get to go. John did get to Costco and Aldi this weekend, so we have food, I just have to figure out what to make with what we have. I'm sure we'll be having soup, Salsa Chicken, bacon and eggs, possibly grilled chicken salad....not sure what else.

I am wearing.......still in jammies. Yeah, that's the kinda week we're having. Big kids did do school this morning and I even did some school with Evan in his room, but I'm still in jammies. Oh well.

The rest of the week......hoping Evan will be well for co-op Friday. If there is any doubt, though, we won't be going. I do not want to give this to anyone else. I think that's where he may have picked this up, this past Friday. Also hoping to get to dance and karate IF I can work it out somehow.

Around the house......should start laundry back up. I had it caught up Sunday, then didn't do any Monday. Can't miss one day of laundry around here or I'll pay for it!

Noticing that.....Alexa is VERY lonely without Evan. They are buddies and she misses being able to play with him sooooo badly.

I am much we wanted a snowy winter, and wondering why that thought ever crossed my mind. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

A picture thought I am sharing.....

This is from last week.....back when my little man wasn't sick. :( He and his buddy Alexa having some energetic fun together!

Hope you are having a great week!

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