Monday, February 22, 2010

Say a Prayer, Please?

We have been blessed with a new, young priest who has been with us since last summer. We were his first parish assignment. He is an incredibly talented speaker, who gives amazing homilies. He comes across as "real" and makes things very easy to understand. Taylor likes him so much, she nicknamed him "Father Amazing" (although he doesn't know that). We always look forward to seeing him at Mass and hearing his homilies. He brought some life back to our parish with his fresh way of presenting the Word of God. Father Amazing played Saint Nicholas at a local Advent party for kids back in December and he was so good with the children.

Recently we were informed that he took a leave of absence to try to discern his vocation. It's hard to believe. We are all so shocked. I really feel bad for him in this struggle. Please keep him in your prayers. I imagine this took a great deal of courage for him to take this "step back" to try to clearly see God's Will for his life.

We sure miss him.

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