Monday, December 14, 2009

A Special Day

Today is my daughter Skylar's 11th birthday! We had her party with her friends on Saturday and she had a blast! What a wild bunch of girls they are! I'll try to post pics from that soon, but today she celebrated with just us, her family. We went to dinner at Red Robin, where she generously shared her ice cream sundae with Alexa and Evan. Such a sweet girl. It was a really nice evening.

Skylar is my second oldest. She's an outgoing sweet girl who is very friendly. I don't want to give too much personal info. about her on here, but it's no secret that she LOVES her karate classes. She enjoys the other children, the junior instructors and all of the karate teachers. It's a great bunch of people there and Sky makes friends with everyone. Anytime a new kid joins, she knows it, welcomes them and learns their name quickly. She's very supportive of the other kids, especially the little ones, always giving them high-5's. She does have some spunk to her personality that leads to a bit of a "girl power!" attitude. It's admirable to see how she is who she is and that's what makes her happy. She really enjoys when family visits and hates to see them go. She loves hugs! Always has and I'm sure she always will. She's very tough and yet affectionate. It brings me so much joy to see her growing up (with a small hidden tear as it seems to be happening way too fast).

You are my sweet girl, Skylar, and I love you so very much!

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