Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Joys of This Day....

Evan said, "Mama, you're my best mommy ever!" He's told me this before, but it's been awhile, and it sounded especially cute with his stuffy nose.

Watching Taylor work hard on her sisters' Halloween costumes. They especially enjoy it when she wants their input. She's the oldest, so her asking their opinion is a big deal to them, even if it is their costumes.

Listening to Alexa as she told me about a dream she had last night. She cracks me up, but it's even funnier when she cracks herself up!

Skylar says, "I think somebody needs a hug!" everytime someone is angry or upset. It's not always a welcome hug, unfortunately, just due to her "timing". But it is just so sweet of her to always want to make people feel better.

Despite a long day at work and tons of traffic, John came home in a good mood. He even played a game of cards with Taylor after the other kids went to bed.

It is quiet at the moment. So that means that, at least for now, some sick children are getting much needed rest. I'm not actually minding this myself. ;-)

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Grandma Jo said...

Good to hear how your days are going - at least this one. It's interesting how all the kids are so unique. I love the idea of Alexa "cracking herself up!" I can just hear her now LOL Kyra did the same thing today when she was singing a song for me that she learned from preschool. She was laughing as she sang it to me. I wish I had gotten it on tape. Maybe you will get to hear it one day or maybe Mike will tape it and send it to you. Kids are funny and just so enjoyable!! most of the time! I hope you can slow down Sky's growing up. She's just so sweet and precious right now. And sounds like that Tay is growing up in the right direction. Evan is your baby now and needs you the most so it's good he believes you are the BEST! you certainly are - to him and me!! God Bless you all!