Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Boredom Buster #2 Sand Art

The kids responded so well yesterday to the spur-of -the-moment packing peanut activity, I thought I'd try a different activity today. Same time of day, right after lunch.


What could I spring on them this time?

That's right! Sand Art! I remembered that I had a sand art kit left over from Alexa's BD party. We ran out of time and didn't get to use it at her party. So we took the card table outside onto the deck, to save me as much cleanup as possible ;-)

Taylor was not interested...been there, done that. But that's ok. These activities are for anyone who wants to join in. I'm not going to force it.
It went well, I think. Except for having to move it inside at the end due to an unexpected summer shower. The girls each made two and Evan made one. It was a little harder for him, plus he had been playing out on the deck for about a half hour before us, so he was getting hot.
The results were awesome......smiles and beautiful works of art.

BTW, that's my little niece in the photo behind the sand art. She's such a cutie!

When your kids get bored this summer, ya might want to check your garage or anywhere else your throw your "we could use that someday" stuff. If you're like me, there's bound to be something there to amuse the children for at least a little while. ;-)



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