Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting a Grip

I am looking forward to starting school again this Fall. I do enjoy the routine and the "getting back to normal" part of it. But I still have a lot to do before then, to be ready. That process is being slowed, somewhat, by my poor children being sick. You just can't plan for illnesses because you never know when they will strike.

I am having a very hard time choosing some of Taylor's curriculum for this next school year. I am excited about the new math program she'll be using. I've chosen Teaching Textbooks for her. She should do well with it. Our local homeschool group offers co-op classes taught by very qualified individuals. So Taylor is now signed up for 3 of those classes and I'm hoping they don't fall through (if not enough sign up, or the class is too full). If all goes as planned I'll take her to the church every Monday and she will have 3 classes in a row. This should give her some, albeit small, sense of how a school works, with the changing of classes. And it should help her to become more independant and responsible, having to turn in schoolwork to someone other than "mom". I'm hoping to send her to a Catholic high school next year, so this should be good "prep" for her.

For my other girls, I'm pretty much set. If I haven't ordered it already, I at least have their curriculums chosen. And I'm especially excited about following the plans at Serendipity for our Social Studies, Science and Geography. I had similar plans last year that fell through.

Not exactly sure, specifically speaking, what I'm doing with Evan, but he will have his co-op and he's now old enough for our club day that meets once a month. We'll have to see how well he stays and cooperates in those situations. And I'm thinking of "assigning" each of his siblings a few minutes a day to read, play or "teach" him. I think it would be great bonding time and, in addition to the time I spend with him, it would make him feel special and like a big kid.

Those are just some thoughts that have been jumbled up in my head. Kinda feels good to get them out in a "sort of" organized way. Makes me feel like I have a teeny, tiny grip on things.....maybe.

I'll be back.


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