Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Huge Hurdle

Ugh. Still struggling with picking a language arts course for Taylor. I like the Literature 8 with Kolbe, and the American History lessons that go along with it. But I'm not liking the Grammar and Composition that they offer. I found one I liked yesterday and bookmarked it, but lost it. Ugh....again. I'll look around some more. I'm not sure Taylor will like the History because she is way more interested in World History, than American History, BUT the literature that ties in with it is awesome. And the booklist consists of many classics that Taylor has not read. Plus, then I'll have these REAL books to use with my younger children when they get older. Yeah, I think I'm sold on the literature with Kolbe. It's costly, too, but I think worth it.

Now onto the other parts of Language Arts for her. This part is hard because I have a feeling she won't be happy no matter what I pick. We'll see. *sighs* Back to work.


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