Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Parish Spring Festival

Our parish's Spring Festival was last weekend. This has become a tradition for our family. At least for Alexa, Sky and I. This year, G-ma was in town! So, she was able to join us and we took Evan this year, too.

The weather wasn't too promising, but we didn't care.

Skylar likes the bouncing castles.

Oh, and this year the Chick-fil-A cow was there. He gave Evan a big hug....and me too, actually and that was quite unexpected. Everyone loves the cake walk. Even though we usually don't win any cakes. Skylar did once, a few years ago. G-ma took Evan around for his first time on the cake walk.

But the highlight for the kids is ALWAYS the pony rides!

We had lunch there, too! (Thanks G-ma!) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Enjoy the sun! (or whatever weather you might be having)

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