Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May, The Month of Mary

On Mother's Day, I changed our family altar to honor Mary, our Mother. I used a piece of dark blue fabric that has simple, little light blue tulip shapes on it. I placed our statue of the Blessed Mother on a raised candleholder that I put under the fabric. Then, I got our a prayerbook that has Marian devotions in it, and placed it on the side. There was a plastic blue rosary on the other side, but this morning I found a light blue cut glass one. I needed a delicate candleholder, but couldn't find what I was looking for it my "stash". So I made one, very simply. I took an inexpensive, plain glass candle holder, and wrapped it in sheer, light blue ribbon, then tied it. Then, in my Liturgical Year Boxes I found some dainty ribbon craft flowers. I just wired those around the knot in the ribbon, placed a tealight inside and that's it. So simple, but it turned out pretty nice, I think.
We are doing many activities in honor of Mary this month, too. Tomorrow, for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, I'm planning on having the girls do some coloring sheets of the blessed mother. I'm also going to take advantage of all the flowering plants in our yard. The girls, and possibly Evan, will make vases out of the little Danimals containers. They are the perfect size for mini bouquets and are a neat shape, too. I haven't figured out exactly what they'll use to decorate these cups, but I think it will be cute. Then they'll pick the flowers to put in their vases, and place them on the altar.
Alexa, Sky and I played Mary Match earlier this week. They really enjoyed it! And Evan and I will use his special little box in honor of Mary to honor her a little later this month. At some point I plan to do a Teatime in honor of the Blessed Mother, too. It might even be tomorrow, depending on how things go. ;-)
I'll try to keep you posted on our activities this month, and I'd love to hear your ideas, too. So feel free to leave me a comment sharing what you do to celebrate Mary, in this beautiful month of May.

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