Monday, January 12, 2009

Where's the Snow?

Some people love snow, some hate it. I'm in between. I don't love it to the point of wanting it constantly, all winter long. But geesh! I would love just one, good, significant snowfall a year.....just one, and I'd be happy. Last week, as we were doing school, I noticed some flakes falling. The kids got all excited! But I knew they weren't calling for snow, so the chances that this would amount to anything were very, very slim. After all 7 snowflakes fell, and the children gave a collective "Awwwww", we went on with our day.

I'm still holding out hope. There's a good bit of winter left, so maybe a snowstorm is still in our future. Maybe?


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Grandma Jo said...

I know your kids love snow. I wouldn't mind a big snowfall one day that we are all at home and don't have to go anywhere -except for maybe Tony who doesn't care! Good luck with getting your snow storm. Hope you don't have to go anywhere that day! Love you all!